Interview Preparation Checklist

The interview preparation increases success in interviews considerably. I’d like to recommend the following suggestions to set you up for success in your interview:

  1. Research Company and the Location of the company before interview, easy way to visit there Website, search in Google, read a Article, watch a video in YouTube etc.
  2. Review the Job Description. During the interview, weave your experience with these skills into your responses as you explain your qualifications in resume.
  3. The hiring manager might have questions about your experience and qualifications. Having a printed copy of your resume during the interview will help you answer questions easier.
  4. Speak slowly, clearly and loudly enough to be heard.
  5. It is best to use a landline phone if possible. But if you are using a cell phone, be sure to talk directly into your cell phone and don’t use a headset or speakerphone so you can be best understood.
  6. You will want to prepare a 30 second commercial as a response to the question:  “Tell me about yourself”  (Hint: use your Resume Job Summary to write this)
  7. Have one or two questions in mind to ask when they ask you, “Do you have any questions?”   For example:
    • What would be a typical day for a SDET on the team?
    • What would be the initial goals and deliverable’s for this role within the first 30/60 days?
  8.  During an interview, you might be asked about your strengths, weaknesses, previous jobs and professional skills. Use the STAR Interviewing format below to write out your answers before your interview to these types of questions so you will be best prepared when asked these questions.  Be specific in your examples and mention the the Situation (Client), Task (Your Job Title), Action (What You Did), and the Results (What You Achieved). Lets practice some of question below using STAR Technique.
    • Provide an example about your experience with page-object patterns or how to use locators in Selenium.
    • Tell me about an example of testing techniques you’ve used beyond positive and negative.
    • Tell me about your  experience with object oriented programming for testing, specifically when you build test scripts from the ground up.
    • Tell me about your experience with testing techniques (not black box or white box).
    • Provide an example of your experience building automation tools or scripts outside of WebDriver.
    • Provide specific details on how YOU applied C# and .Net in the past (coded from scratch).
    • Provide specific details about building frameworks.
    • Provide details about your experience with  the Jenkins framework.
    • Be prepared to explain which artifacts you used to create a testing strategy or testing estimates.

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