Test Schedule Run using vstest.console.exe | CI/CD

Step 1: Get Latest from TFS cd “LocalBranchLocation” “c:\Program Files (86)\Microsoft Visual Studio 14.0\Common7\IDE\TF.exe” get “$TFSBranchLocation” Step 2: Built Dll “c:\Program Files (86)\MSBuild\14.0\Bin\MSBuild.exe” “SolutionLocation/Solution.sln” /t:Clean,build Step 3: Set custom config file to switch environment type SolutionLocation\bin\debug\env.config > SolutionLocation\bin\debug\auto.dll.config Step 4: Run Test cd\ “c:\Program Files (86)\Microsoft Visual Studio 14.0\Common7\IDE\CommonExtensions\Microsoft\TestWindow\vstest.console.exe” “DllLocation\solution.Dll” /TestCaseFilter:(TestCategory=TagName)/Logger:trx Step 5: Copy result to

HR Questions and expected answers

HR questions are very tricky, answer your own. Here are some expected ones, Why should we hire you? If you hire me, it will be great platform to showcase my skills. Whatever goals i set, i ensure to complete them within stipulated time. Reason behind leaving your last job? In order to enhance my skill


What is Recursion? The Process of Defining a function or calculating a number by the repeated application of an algorithm. Recursion Consist of: Base Case : When we stop repeating our algorithm Recursion Case: Repeating the algorithm Recursion in computer science is a method where the solution to a problem depends on solutions to smaller instances of the

Interview Preparation | US Accent

Non US native speaker should careful about US accent while doing job interviews ! Top 10 words you could be saying wrong, Favorite = Fav_rite Chocolate = Choc_late Separately = Sep_rately  (But, Separate => Separate) Ate = it Restaurant = Rest__rant Comfortable = CUMF-der-bull Interesting = INt_resting Vegetable = Veg_table Broccoli = Brocc_li Camera = Cam_ra

CoinToss | Code Example

Coding always fun ! Here is a C# code example of CoinToss which you can run using MsTest. using Microsoft.VisualStudio.TestTools.UnitTesting; using System; namespace HackerRank { [TestClass] public class Day03 { public string TossACoin() { Random rand = new Random(); int toss = Math.Abs(rand.Next()) % 2; if (toss == 0) { return “HEADS”; } else {

7 Best Software Testing Job Search Websites

Where should I apply for a software testing job ? Applying in Job Search Websites. Applying directly in Company’s carrier website. Applying in different Recruiting company website. 7 Best Software Testing Job Search Websites are as below, Indeed Dice LinkedIn Monster CareerBuilder Glassdoor Robert Half Indeed A huge aggregator of postings from across the Web,