UFT API Testing Manifesto by Joe Colantonio | Book

Every revolution needs a manifesto. I believe automation engineers are living in a time in which one is needed. Agile and the Internet of Things have disrupted standard test automation practices, causing test engineers to rethink how automation is done. No longer is the GUI king. Today’s automation engineer needs to burrow deeper underneath the GUI to the API level.

This book is what I wished I had when I first began using UFT API testing. I’m adopting a “hands-on” approach, and have tried to include practical examples and pithy explanations for all the concepts presented. This is not meant to be and exhaustive look at every aspect of UFT API but rather to serve as a quick-start workbook. Hopefully, this book will save you some time (and headaches) by painlessly getting you up to speed on UFT API testing.

-Joe Colantonio

Book Name : The UFT API Testing Manifesto

Published By : Joe Colantonio

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